Tour String


$12.95 (Excl. Tax)


Tour String, a compact an easy way to practice all of the fundamentals of the putting stroke, helps golfers with:

  • alignment
  • reading putts
  • putting stroke
  • getting square at setup and impact
  • stroke speed

This easy-to-use training aid can be set up on all putting surfaces and fits easily in any pocket of your golf bag. It consists of two 9-inch Tour Sticks connected by a 12-foot alignment string.

How to use:
1.Find a straight putt on any putting surface.
2.Insert one end of Tour String behind the cup.
3.Insert the opposite end in the ground once the string is taught.
4.Use the string as a guide for your putting stroke.
5.For breaking putts, find the correct line of the putt and move the the string to the correct position.


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