Tour Perfect Speed (Boxed Version)

$59.95 (Excl. Tax)


The ALL NEW Tour Perfect SpeedTM Putt Trainer is the newest in putting technology, designed to create the “Perfect Speed” to allow all golfers to make better putts.

The Tour Perfect SpeedTM Putt Trainer was designed out of the necessity that most golfer’s professional and amateur alike, leave most of their putts short. Tour Perfect SpeedTM is the ONLY Putt Trainer to address the speed of the putt so that practice putting will become measurable, and you will actually be able to see results.

It’s easy, just set up the Patent Pending Golf Ball Resistance Ramp next to the hole, set up the 10’ alignment rods, and follow the instructions to start “putting like a pro”.

Some Features of the Tour Perfect SpeedTM are:

  • Packaged in a Convenient and Attractive Hanging Box, Good for Shelves or Walls
  • Assembly Is Quick And Easy
  • The Only Putt Trainer that Addresses Speed
  • Makes Putting Practice Measurable, Delivering Genuine Results
  • Convenient for Both Indoor and Outdoor Use

Give the Tour Perfect SpeedTM Putt Trainer a try and you soon will be “putting like a pro”!



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