The UnSwing Golf System


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    UnSwing Golf System Includes:

  • UnSwing Training Club™
  • UnSwing ™ Drills DVD
  • UnSwing™ Method – Unwind and relearn fundamentals. Create new swing awareness. Learn tempo under pressure.
  • Toursticks™ #1 Alignment Aid used by PGA Tour Pros


UnSwing™ - Truly a revolutionary golf training / fitness club and swing method for men and woman of all ages and playing abilities.

The UnSwing™ Training Club and Swing Method is the only patent pending system on the market today that teaches feel. The radical approach of the UnSwing System combines swing training and fitness that dramatically improves your balance, power, and speed. The unconventional, uniquely designed UnSwing Training Club, not only strengthens your weak side, it teaches you to unwind, and relearn fundamentals. Additionally, the unique UnSwing Method creates a new sense of calmness in the mind and helps golfers get comfortable with the uncomfortable™ – creating a fundamentally sound, dependable, repeatable swing on the golf course. The UnSwing System forces a new swing awareness combined with heightened concentration, and calmness.

With one, 5-10 minute practice session, you learn the feeling of balance, timing (sequence of the body and arms working together) and explosiveness - the feeling of a fully finished (on balance) golf swing. The training club and swing method help produce the widest swing arc possible maximizing the body’s unique potential to produce maximum length and distance.

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