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Have you ever tried to putt and you just keep missing?

Have you ever thought that it may not be your swing but the way you look at things?

The GOAL putting and teaching aid allows you to learn how to see the right pathway for your ball to go, that way you never miss the goal.

The GOAL putting and teaching aid accomplishes all of these integral pieces of putting.

  • Puts your eyes directly over the ball. Not only is this correct, but it means you will be seeing the ball the same every time instead of having variance between every putt.
  • Lets you see the line of the putt from the ball to the target.
  • Makes you start the ball on the line of the putt, and gets you in the habit of concentrating on the initial line the ball starts on which is the only thing you have control of in the shot.
  • Creates quality, consistant practice sessions.
  • Can be used in conjuction with other teaching aids such as alignment aids.

Setting up is easy too! Just take two of our Tour Sticks, insert them into the top of the "goal posts", and your ready to start sinking every put!


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