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Shape SticksTM is theĀ NEW revolutionary training aid from the folks here at Innovative Sports LLC. Shape SticksTM allows any skill golfer to shape their shots to make their game "award winning".

A straight shot is just an accident, in order to really hit your target you need to draw or fade your shots. Shape SticksTM allows you to see the true target line for each of your shots from the moment you take your stance.

Some of the features of Shape SticksTM are:

  • The ability to easily see the true target line from when you first take your stance
  • The unique draw and fade sticks within the product that allow you to visualize the draw or fade ahead of the actual shot
  • Easy to follow instructions, draw or fade in just 3 easy steps
  • increase the chance of hitting your target twice as often by using these proven techniques

Be sure to grab you Shape SticksTM so you too can start to "shape your shots like the pros"



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