Old Skool Golf – Hybrid Covers

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A great addition to any golf bag.


Old Skool covers are made out of a synthetic material which is more durable than any other pom pom cover on the market.  No more getting holes in your cover and having to throw them away.  Now you can get the look of the traditional pom pom cover with the latest in materials.

Complete your woods with the same color or mix them up.

Whether you are an old golf pro, or someone a little new to the game, Old Skool Hybrid Covers are a great addition to any golfers bag.

Customize Your Covers/Patches

Create a custom cover for your next tournament, men's / ladies day or company event and offer a unique gift that will last.

*Each driver covers comes with a number 1 patch
*Fairways come with a 3, 4, 5 and X patches
*Hybrids come with a 3, 5 and X patches
*Customize the patch to complete your cover
*Minimum 50 per color per style
60 Day lead time required
*50% deposit on order, remainder due upon delivery

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